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Analog to Digital Converter (ADC)

Number of Channels4
Number of Bits16
Range Modes±10, ±5, ±2.5, ±1.25Volts
Quantization Step Size312.5 (Range=±10V)
156.25 (Range=±5V)
78 (Range=±2.5V)
39 (Range=±1.25V)
Maximum Sample Rate11MS/s
Input Impedance>100kΩ
Latency (Measurement to Data Ready)800ns
Input Filter Bandwidth (-3 dB)400kHz
Input Filter Delay (frequencies <100kHz)2550ns

Typical Noise of ADC3

ModeNoise (RMS)SNR4Effective # of bits5
±10V150µV93.5 dB15.2
±5V100µV91.0 dB14.8
±2.5V40µV92.9 dB15.1
±1.25V35µV88.0 dB14.3

Digital to Analog Converter (DAC)

Number of Channels4
Number of Bits16
Range Modes±10Volts
Quantization Step Size312.5µV
Maximum Sample Rate11MS/s
Output Impedance50Ω
Update Latency61.0µs
Output Filter Bandwidth (-3 dB)175kHz
Output Filter Delay (frequencies <100kHz)21.2µs

Timing Resolution

ParameterValue (Typical)Units
Interrupt Timing Jitter7100ns
Interrupt Latency (Best-case)7110ns
Interrupt Latency (Worst-case)7210ns

GPIO & Trigger Lines

Minimum Voltage0V
Maximum Voltage3.3V
Output Impedance200Ω
Logic Levels (Input & Output)3.3V CMOS


  1. Mega Samples Per Second (MS/s) across all channels. Sum of sample rate of all channels must not be greater than 1 MS/s. 2

  2. See Analog Response Time App Note for details on time delay caused by analog filters. 2

  3. For Quarto hardware 5.1 and higher. For noise specs on earlier Quarto units, please contact qNimble.

  4. SNR defined as the ratio of power of a full-scale sine wave to the power of the noise.

  5. Effective Number of Bits defined as the SNR1.766.02\frac{SNR - 1.76}{6.02}. See Wikipedia definition for more details.

  6. Time from executing writeDAC function to analog output starts changing.

  7. See Measuring Response Time for details on definition of latency and jitter. 2 3