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Sorry: Ignored Messages


If you tried to contact qNimble via our contact us web-form from late November through early December and didn't hear from us, I'm afraid it is because we lost your message. When you use the contact us web-form, an e-mail is sent to us and in late November we switched e-mail providers causing these e-mails to get blocked until we later updated some security-related email settings. Frustratingly, submissions did get an auto-reply e-mail from us saying we had received the message and would get back to you shortly, but this sadly was not that case.

Because we have a privacy-focused website, we have no logs of the submissions and no way to know who contacted us. So let me apologize to anyone I ghosted. It was unintentional and entirely our fault. I'm sorry.

If you want to get in touch with qNimble the contact us link does work now, or you can call us at (720)-741-1556.