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Hardware Upgrade: Connect to custom board


The Quarto just got a hardware upgrade to enable easier integration with external lab equipment and sensors. Previously, GPIO lines were connected to the Quarto with a screwless push-button terminal block. This meant that the GPIO lines had to be hand connected to external components and any changes to the wiring required disconnecting and reconnecting the wires in the terminal block.

Starting with 7.2 revision and higher hardware, this terminal block has been replaced with the socketed Eurostyle terminal block. This socket can be connected to a traditional screw terminal1 (included with the Quarto), but as it is removable, you can have multiple screw terminals, each wired to different equipment and connect to the Quarto as needed.

Additionally, instead of using a screw-terminal, you can connect the terminal socket to a PCB-solderable terminal block2 to enable plugging in a custom PCB into the GPIO lines of the Quarto. This custom board could be an adapter board to connect a safety interlock to the Quarto, or an adapter to a D-sub to connect to other equipment. Or a simple break-out board to connect GPIO lines to SMAs.

EuroBlock Back Panel


  1. Manufacture: Molex, MPN: 39500-0010

  2. Manufacturer: Phoenix Contact, MPN: 1830647